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Sometimes bulking can be as simple as drinking some milk

The GOMAD bulk is an old, proven, and still popular way of bulking. GOMAD stands for Gallon Of Milk A Day, basically, whatever you are already eating every day, add in a gallon of milk as well. The most commonly used for this is whole milk because of its 150 calories per 8oz glass equaling an impressive 2400 extra calories each day, plus the 128g of protein as well .

The downside? That gives you an extra 128g of fat per day from the milk alone. Now if you are like me and you gain fat very easily and already get plenty of fat in your daily diet  then this extra fat is absolutely not appealing. Then the other options are pretty obvious, either go with a lower percentage of milk (However this will also lower the amount of calories.) or

Take a couple minutes to look through your stores different brands and flavored milks, you might be surprised at the difference. Kemps Fat Free Chocolate Milk has the same amount of calories but 0 fat. Ok with some fat and want even more calories? Kemps Lowfat Swiss Chocolate has 170 calories per 8oz glass giving you 2720 calories  from just the milk.

Have another brand/flavor suggestion?

This recipe was DAMN good, you have no idea it’s canned chicken either, a few small tweaks I would suggest are some more cheese and more green chilies. Afterwards I mixed fat free sour cream and taco sauce as a dip. 

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